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“Provide our clients with exceptional service and latest technologies that help them succeed in today’s ever growing travel market”

World Aviation Systems (WAS) is able to provide a range of Airline General Sales Agent (GSA) support services specifically tailored to individual airline needs in the Australian and New Zealand market, including:

  • Offices across Australia and New Zealand
  • Reservations, Ticketing, Sales and Marketing Staff
  • Sales and Marketing, Promotional activities
  • Customer Servicing, Call Centres
  • Distribution, Pricing Revenue analysis
  • Public Relations and Communications
  • Digital Marketing
  • Consumer and Trade Events

WAS provides an advantage with our focused and disciplined distribution systems targeting branded franchises and wholly owned travel agencies.

Products are distributed to all agency groups via databases linked to Global Distribution Systems (GDS), the internet and email to ensure maximum exposure and awareness. Our search system reaches all variety of agencies in New Zealand. Retail, wholesale, corporate and VFR are just few of the agency groups that search in our system.

Whatever your airline representation requirements are, we will deliver a solution to meet your expectations.

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Whatever your airline representation requirements are, we will deliver a solution to meet your expectations.